Green Coffee Whipped Clay Mask

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This is a power packed mask with super powerful ingredients. Infused with green coffee extracts and aromas of coffee. 100% botanical extracts for fresh, firm, blossoming skin. Vitamin C enhances skin tone radiance while almond, olive oil and shea butter keeps skin moist within the mask. Kiwi fruit extract is known to tackle the oiliness and acne inflamed skin.

Mineral clay infused formula - Suitable for all Skin Types

Patch Test before use – Natural/Organic Ingredients may be allergic to some due to concentrated form of ingredients.

Shelf Life – 3 years from date of manufacturing, once opened use within 12 months.

Product Secrets


Green coffee extracts, Vegetable glycerin, Octadecanoic acid, Glycerol Mono Stearate, Hexadecan -1-ol, Spectrastat, Mineral clay, Iso propyl myristate, Shea butter, Olive oil, Almond oil, Kiwi fruit extract, Avocado extract, Pineapple extract, Pomegranate extract, Sweet orange extracts, Vitamin C, Aromatic oil, Water, Fragrance Coffee.

How it works

The rich texture is easily blendable to form a mask. All the power packed ingredients soak into the skin when left on. Once the skin feels tight, wash it of for a radiant firm skin tone.

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