We believe that having a purpose is what makes us Beautiful.! At AFFOREST, we have a dream to give back to Forests, work towards a safer planet earth and thrive to become a Proud Green Brand. To preserve and protect the exotic Coorg wildlife through collaboration with Coorg Wildlife Society and to contribute towards preserving wildlife around the world by associating with WWF and other wildlife organisations.We also envision a clean and green earth and inspire a Global Afforestation movement of “AFFOREST Rangers” by designing and contributing to Afforestation programs.


Getting new age, conscious consumers to experience the vegan secrets mother nature has to offer for timeless, blossoming skin. We aim to bring enchanting allure of the forests around the world to our customers and allow them to experience the best of green beauty.We also strive to offer the best in class products as All vegan secrets we unearth in the Forests go through “Extensive Research & Development” before we bring to you the final jar of goodness.