Our founder Yukta Raghu, her husband Deepansh Bhargava and their 3-year-old child Ved Bhargava are the pillars of AFFOREST Rangers.

They hail from Coorg, the land known for its Exotic and Mystic beauty of Nature and Wildlife. They have experienced, lived and consumed the power of natural home-made products which not only work effectively but have also transformed into their love for Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free Products.

A deep connection to the Forests and the healing powers of Nature started early for our AFFOREST Founder Yukta, where she was introduced to the Vegan Skincare Secrets that were passed on to her by the elder generations of the family.

With the dream of sharing these secrets with the world and to celebrate God’s wonderful creation in its utmost beauty and glory, AFFOREST was born.

Our founders strongly believe that having a purpose is what makes us feel beautiful. With AFFOREST, they are on a mission to promote beauty that goes more than Skin Deep- It also Protects our Forests and Wildlife.